Light Industry Equipment

Alabama Rentals is the right place for all of your light industry rental equipment and general equipment rental needs. Our wide selection of general equipment rental products combined with our professional and knowledgeable staff, makes us the right choice when you are in need of an equipment rental solution.

We are constantly adding to our inventory, so please contact us to speak with one of our equipment specialist if you do not see what you need.




Air Compressors

5, 10 and 210 CFM

Concrete Equipment

Bull floats, gas screeds, concrete grinders, concrete mixers (gas and electric), concrete vibrators and trowel machines (36″and 48″)

Mortar Mixers

Portable Lights

Towable light towers and 500-watt light stands

Tamping Equipment

Vibratory plate tamps, jumping jack tamps and 3 ton ride-on roller

Drills and Jackhammers

Core drills, 1/2″ SDS hammer drills, 1 1/2″ spline hammer drills, air hammers (15, 60 and 90 lb.), rock drills and electric jackhammers (60 lb.)

Sandblasting Equipment

350 lb. pot


Propane dish heaters, 1500-watt electric heaters and torpedo heaters


Tile saws, portable band saws, 12″ miter saws, brick and block saws, chain saws, 14″ rescue saws and walk-behind concrete saws



1.4 KW, 2.5 KW, 3.6 KW and 5.6 KW


Submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, trash pumps and mud pumps